Cottrell Family Day 2019

Cottrell Holds First Annual Family Fun and Wellness Day

When planning Cottrell’s Family Fun and Wellness Day, we wanted to combine a fun family day with a focus on our Wellness initiative. This was the first time our company has ever hosted an event such as this. We opened the doors of our shops to employee spouses and children so they could see exactly what mommy and daddy do every day at work and allowed them to touch and see the products that we build.  It was moving to see how much company pride was shown by our employees. The participation in the Wellness aspect of the event was also exceptional. We estimate that over 2,000 employees and family members attended Cottrell’s Family Fun Day.  In addition, Cottrell raised almost $1000 for the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. With such an outstanding turnout and the employee & family engagement that it brought, we anticipate hosting more events like this this in the future.