Model EZ-5307 Highmount Classic Car Hauler


Cottrell has incorporated many design and manufacturing qualities of our proven stinger equipment lines to create perhaps the most durable and reliable High 5th Wheel trailer the industry has ever seen. The Hi Pro EZ-5307 7 car hauler has over 9 years of on-the-road experience and is built to last. Primarily ordered with two new hydraulic options, the Belly Drop (X) and Front Tilt (L), the Cottrell 5307 is great for startup companies or as supplemental equipment for larger, established fleets. Check with your state D.O.T. to determine whether or not one of Cottrell’s Hi-Pro Series trailers is right for your hauling needs.

Capacity Seven (7) Vehicles depending on combination
Empty Weight 19,000 - 20,000 lbs. depending on specifications
Length 53 Feet
Width 102 inches with the exception of safety equipment
Decks Pockets and XL Package Available
Tie Down Method Chain
Hydraulic Power Sources PTO and/or Self Contained 12-Volt Electric

Product Features

  • Two different running surface materials are available
  • Two belly deck configurations offering capacity advantages vs weight and simplicity
  • Independent top front deck option to increase cargo capacity along top deck
  • Hi Pro line includes both our Nextgen and Classic Style trailers
  • EZ and C models contain 5/16" chains with plated R, S, T and Grab hooks with
  • Cottrell's patented quick release ratchet tie down system
  • 3/16" Aluminum Decking with oblong Star Pooches
  • Hendrickson light weight INTRAAX integrated suspension and axle system
  • Zinc rich fast dry epoxy primer with an Akzo Nobel top coat - 5 Yr Limited Warranty
  • Parker hydraulic hoses and fitting
  • Cottrell aluminum telescopic and single stage cylinders
  • Peterson wiring harness
  • Truck Lite LED Lights with "Fit and Forget" connectors
  • Back up lights and alarms on mating headramps
  • Aluminum trailer air tanks
  • Curtiss Wright aluminum valves
  • Aluminum ladders
  • Aluminum slide out loading skids with stainless steel rollers
  • Zinc rich fast dry epoxy primer coating on the inside of the bottom rail

Available Upgrades

  • 19.5" or 22.5" axle assemblies
  • Hendrick CP tire inflation systems
  • Polished aluminum rims
  • 12 volt self contained system with custom aluminum hydraulic oil tank
  • Choice of hydraulic hose - Parker 387, Thermoplastic 510 or 518
  • Pneumatic lift kit and Air operated or Digital weight guages
  • Safety options including fold out caution signs and strobe lights
  • Additional night loading lights - Incandescent, LED or Rope style
  • Aluminum or Steel wheels, Michelin or Continental tires
  • Custom made aluminum tool boxes and hydraulic tanks
  • Winter protection options including full or half aluminum belly pans
  • Appearance options including chrome and extra light packages, custom mudflaps and custom paint colors and schemes

Why there's no substitute for a Cottrell

Quality you can count on

Cottrell products are built to the highest standards. With over 100 years of combined experience, our engineering team is constantly working to improve our products, ensure structural integrity and customize our car haulers to meet the specifications of your loads.

WARRANTY A 2 year structural warranty is the best in the business. Many individual parts and systems also include additional warranties.

Corrosion Resistant Zinc rich epoxy primer electro-static paint process and rust inhibitor inside the bottom rails will keep your equipment looking fresh and is available on all models.

MATERIALS Our haulers are born from the best materials available, including Domex 100,000 yield strength steel and aluminum alloys.

SUPERIOR RESALE VALUE Cottrell car haulers maintain a superior resale value. Plus, we'll help you sell your equipment with a free listing on our website.

Your bottom line matters

Cottrell haulers are engineered with your bottom line in mind. Whether it's minimizing weight or meeting new environmental regulations, we're focused on optimizing your car haulers to save you money.

LIGHTWEIGHT From aluminum hydraulic cylinders, air tanks and valves, to lightweight parflex hose and accessories, our engineers have maximized lightweight materials to reduce weight.

TIRE INFLATION MONITORING As an optional upgrade, Cottrell car haulers can have tire inflation monitoring systems to further maximize your fuel efficiency.

Designed with your safety and comfort in mind

We build the most driver-friendly car haulers in the industry. Whether great ideas start with our engineers or our customers, we're continuously optimizing our haulers with features that increase driver safety and comfort.

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Patented quick release ratchet tie down systems, LED lights with ‘fit and forget’ connectors and gravitational slide out loading skids help you get loaded and on the road.

SAFETY FIRST Fall protection kits and extended catwalks are engineered with driver safety in mind.

ERGONOMIC Door openings and loading angles are optimized for ease of use and to prevent damages.

COLD WEATHER OPTIONS For cold weather areas, upgrade with side curtain and king pin apron kits, thinner hydraulic fluid, tuff coat hose protectant and aluminum belly pans.

One size does not fit all

While Cottrell offers over 40 different trailer models to fit your applications, we know there's no universal solution. Our engineers will work with you to use your hauling routes and the vehicle types you carry to create a fully optimized piece of equipment.

SHORT HAUL VS LONG HAUL Depending on your route needs, Cottrell engineers can work with you to create a car hauler that's optimized to fit more vehicles for long hauls or minimize steps in the loading sequence for short hauls.

CUSTOM PAINT With state of the art paint booths, we can match any custom color. An electro static paint process leaves your hauler with a durable finish that prevents rust and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Support, whenever and wherever you need it

Cottrell equipment is built to last, but if you need maintenance, repair or refurbishment, we're here to help.

Nationwide Authorized Warranty Repair Centers Over 100 repair shops and dealers around North America means support is never far away. You can even bring your equipment directly to Cottrell where our 13 bay service center and driver lounge are waiting to address your needs.

EQUIPMENT REFURBISHMENT Cottrell can modify your equipment when your load needs change, or new regulations are put in place. You can expect your newly refurbished unit to have the same quality as our new production units.

PARTS, MADE IN THE USA A large percentage of our parts are produced and assembled in the USA. And, our fully stocked aftermarket warehouse ships stock items out the same day. Custom parts can be made and shipped within 40 hours.