Product Improvement: Stainless Steel Grab Post

We are delighted to share yet another exciting product improvement on Cottrell car-hauling equipment! After over a year of field evaluation and much positive feedback, the grab posts for our fall-protection safety system will be made of stainless steel as “standard” on all equipment, rather than painted steel.  This change will begin to take place on units built in November. The stainless steel grab post offers several benefits: 

  • It has an improved, “more polished” look, which is more aesthetically pleasing;
  • It requires less maintenance in the field (no paint touch-ups necessary);
  • It shortens production time due to uniformity; and
  • It has a knurled surface, which may result in a better grip.

This is an announcement of a product improvement on future equipment and not an indication that your current Cottrell equipment needs to be modified. Your existing Cottrell equipment with the painted grab post is a proper and safe design, and continued use of that present design is appropriate and expected.

As we strive to continuously enhance our products, we want to make sure you are properly informed in a timely manner. For more information, please contact your Cottrell representative or authorized Cottrell dealer.