Superior Visibility Coming to Strap Trailer and Headramp Models

Once again, you’ve spoken, and we’ve listened.

Starting in late May through early June 2023, you will see a standardization and vast improvement to the night-loading light package on our most popular strap trailer and headramp models. Based on your feedback, we have designed a new package with sleek LED Maxxima strip lights strategically mounted to the top deck and shining downward to create superior visibility for the operator while loading and securing the vehicles. You’ll also enjoy the addition of LED button lights to the grab poles in the number one position over the cab for improved vision.

All versions of the following models will incorporate the new night-loading light package as a standard feature.

Headramp Models:

  • 3-CAR CSFA
  • 3.5-CAR CSFA
  • 4-CAR CSFA

Trailer Models:

  • CX-09LSFA (80’-0”)
  • CX-09LSFA3 (80’-0”)
  • CX-09LS (75’-0”)
  • CX-09LS/CAN (Canadian 75’-0”)

With your help, we continue to innovate for a brighter tomorrow—for that, we thank you! Contact your regional sales representative or dealer for more information.