The Improved Five-Pooch Tie-Down Extension Flip Plate

In March of this year, you’ll see a whole new look—and better resilience—for our five-pooch tie-down extension flip plates. Located over the tractor and trailer tandems, the plates will now be blasted, base coated with our standard anti-corrosion zinc primer, and powder coated with silver mirror topcoat. Rather than being welded, the plates will now be huck bolted to the tandem skin to improve the paint coverage in these areas and limit rust and corrosion.

This new design has exceeded engineering’s testing and presents no repercussions related to overall load height at either the tractor or trailer tandem.  We will have a full transition into the new look in March 2023.

The five-pooch tie-down extension flip plate can be purchased from our aftermarket department using the part number 105258.

Contact your Cottrell sales representative with any questions.