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A combination of service and equipment that could only be Cottrell.

See The NextGen CX-11 HCS

The latest technology featuring a soft-tie system that meets the requirements of all new vehicle manufacturers

Chain tie-down in multiple configurations, including the legendary high side Stinger that set the durability standard

The most sought after high 5th wheel in the market utilizing the same great technology found in our Classic and Nextgen Series

9 car capacity with numerous features ensures compliance with premium auto manufacturers' requirements


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Cottrell introduces new Link EasySliderES Sliding Kingpin

Now, in partnership with Cottrell, Link has introduced a revamped sliding kingpin design that addresses field serviceability. The once cumbersome removal and installation of a new kingpin unit has been reduced from a 12-hour task to a simple one-hour process – helping you maximize efficiency. And for existing owners, there is also an available service […]

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What trailer models can I buy direct from the factory, and what trailer models do I have to purchase through a dealer?

All stinger equipment can be purchased direct through Cottrell. All high-mount equipment must be purchased through a dealer.

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