Maximize Efficiency with New QuixSpinz 2.0

Cottrell QuixSpinz 2.0

We brought you QuixSpinz 11 years ago and it quickly became the de facto standard in the automobile transport industry. Because you look to us for continued innovation, we’re proud to introduce the QuixSpinz 2.0.

This improved ergonomic design is easier to grip in all weather conditions and spins freer with finer adjustment points during operation — giving you a smoother experience no matter the circumstances. We’ve put the product through extensive internal testing and it has exceeded our benchmark so you can feel secure in its performance. The advanced four-part assembly consists of:

  • The new design will be phased in on units being built in February and will be on 100% of all units built in March onwards
  • 100% stainless-steel ratchet cartridge

  • Sleek, powder-coated square shaft

  • Updated cast strap spool

  • And it’s all held in place with a retaining collar.

The sophisticated tie-down assembly is designed as a cartridge that can be easily removed and replaced in the unlikely event service is required.

To learn more about this product and how it can increase operator efficiency, contact your Cottrell sales representative today!