Product Announcement: New Double-Sided Grip Sleeve


There’s nothing like the start of a new year to launch a product that changes the way you work!

Starting this month, we will be making a running change from the existing rubber cleat style strap to a new double-sided grip sleeve. The first of its kind, the Cottrell double-sided grip sleeve strap has a grip surface on both sides of the sleeve—increasing the effectiveness of the strap. 

The new grip sleeve is 1” lower in height than the original rubber cleats and will allow more clearance between the tire and wheel well on high-performance sports cars. The 24-inch length of the strip means you can cover the “10, 12, and 2 o’clock OEM requirement” over the tire. Unlike other grip straps on the market, our double-sided grip sleeve eliminates the need to twist the strap to get the grip surface on the tire since it’s on both sides. 

This improvement will be implemented into new equipment builds starting in January 2023. As an added value, the new sleeve and strap assembly can also be purchased from our aftermarket department. The part number for this product is 103053DSGS plus the length of the strap.

We’re excited to bring you this innovative solution and continue our tradition of creating top-of-the-line products!