1-Car Delivery Unit (DU)

Home Delivery Trailer 1-Car Unit

Cottrell is excited to be on the cutting edge of the “one-car automotive delivery” industry. We would like to introduce our 1-car DU.  This one-car delivery unit has been designed to address the “final mile”, “white glove”, “at home”, “e-commerce” deliveries. This product is the solution for delivering a vehicle to customers in residential communities. It is not your typical “tow-truck” or “rollback truck”. Its primary function is to deliver finished, operable vehicles as opposed to recovering inoperable vehicles.

With the appropriate graphics, this rolling billboard can be used as a marketing tool to increase your business’s visibility. No CDL driver is required to operate the unit.

Features include:

  • Tapered approach
  • OEM approved over the tire tie-down method
  • Pooched driving surface for vehicle traction
  • Simple hydraulics

Read more about our Home Delivery Units  and contact our team at sales@cottrelltrailers.com for more information.