Hit The Road with
Four Decades of Experience

A combination of service and equipment that could only be Cottrell.

See The 80' Fast Act Quickloader

Combines past innovations and new technology to comply with new federal length regulations

The latest technology featuring a soft-tie system that meets the requirements of all new vehicle manufacturers

While home delivery might have once been considered a luxury, it’s quickly becoming a customer expectation.

The most sought after high 5th wheel in the market utilizing the same great technology found in our Classic and Nextgen Series

9 car capacity with numerous features ensures compliance with premium auto manufacturers’ requirements


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Superior Visibility Coming to Strap Trailer and Headramp Models

Once again, you’ve spoken, and we’ve listened. Starting in late May through early June 2023, you will see a standardization and vast improvement to the night-loading light package on our most popular strap trailer and headramp models. Based on your feedback, we have designed a new package with sleek LED Maxxima strip lights strategically mounted […]

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What is the difference between a stinger and highmount?

Highmount trailers are the more conventional style of trailer that can be pulled with a typical tractor having a 5th wheel mounted on the tractor frame or chassis. A stinger... View All FAQs